The Sensory Experience 

Aura- Kendal's First Multi- Sensory Environment!!

An inclusive environment in which is open to all- offering bespoke personalised sessions, group sessions, drop ins and parties.

Interactive Room

* Interactive  Multi- Sensory Walls

* Light Drawing

* Large Sensory Ball Pool with Light and Sound

* Therapy Swing/ Hammock

* Large Projection Screen and Surround Sound

* Fibre Optics and Bubble Tubes

*Immersive Den with large telly and Interactive Apps

*Silent Disco

*Use of I-Pads to Play Sensory Apps or your Favourite Games

The White Room

*Relaxing White Room

*Sound Proofed to Allow you To escape and Truly Relax

*Fibre Optics and Bubble  Tube

* Sound System and Projection

*Massage and Heat Chair

*Vibrating Bed

Personalise Your Session

Aura prides it self on providing a personalised bespoke sessions to ensure you get the most out of your time with us.

When you book with us we will explore what you or your group would like to experience.

* Tell us what music you would like or develop your own playlist for your visits

*Would you like to watch a film or  your favourite programme on our cinema screen

*Choose some relaxing music and scenes

*Bring your own console to play on the large TV in the immersive den

*We can make slide shows of your favourite photographs of your family and friends

Tell us what your likes and are and we will strive to ensure the best personalised session for you!